Watch the Peak iDV Executive Series Interview with ROC Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Brendan Klare

Join Peak iDV host Steve Craig as he talks all things multimodal biometrics and digital identity with ROC Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Brendan Klare.

In this episode, Brendan shares his personal origin story as an infantryman in the 75th Ranger Regiment and how his academic journey led him to co-found the only American-made multimodal biometrics and Computer Vision provider, trusted by the U.S. military, law enforcement, and leading FinTech and digital identity brands.

Topics include:

  • The “why” behind ROC and our mission to make the world smarter, safer, and stronger. 
  • The importance of ethical and explainable AI, wholly designed and developed in the USA.
  • Establishing an industry-leading code of ethics to self-regulate the ethical use of computer vision technology and mitigate risks such as deep fakes and poison AI.
  • The power of homegrown innovation and building trust with customers concerned about foreign technology risks, including the U.S. government, law enforcement, and critical national security organizations.
  • How ROC is unlocking new biometric use cases with speed and accuracy.
  • The rapid acceleration of deep fakes, generative media, and the democratization of models and algorithms.
  • The ever-evolving ROC product suite: face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition, plus live video analytics, object detection, weapon and threat detection, license plate recognition, and custom enterprise AI solutions.


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