Iris Recognition

Harness the unparalleled precision, reliability, and privacy of iris. 
ROC is the #1 global iris recognition provider for speed and scalability.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Real-time iris recognition for real-world applications.

With ROC Iris, you get the most accurate, contactless biometric modality on the planet – now at nearly instantaneous speeds. Together, we can reimagine what’s possible, from banking to border control.

The world’s fastest iris algorithm. 180x faster than industry standard.

  • Identification & Authentication
  • Enterprise Access Control
  • Border Control & Immigration
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Safety

Breakthrough biometrics. Top ranked by NIST.

The future of high-security authentication is here – and it’s invisible. Engineered for mobile and edge, ROC algorithms are fast, agile, and scalable. They’re designed to help you create frictionless, future-proofed identity verification experiences where accuracy is paramount.

0.1 seconds

99+% Accuracy

11 seconds


99+% Accuracy

12 seconds


99+% Accuracy

14 seconds


99+% Accuracy

Real-time iris recognition. ROC is 180x faster than the industry standard with an accuracy of 99.3% at a false positive ID rate of 1.0%. All results from NIST IREX 10.

Integrate next-gen iris in minutes.

ROC is made by engineers for engineers. Deploy gamechanging computer vision capabilities with just a few lines of code. Enjoy affordable, flexible pricing that works for your business.

Precision meets privacy.

Why iris recognition is the gold standard in biometric security.

Iris recognition is an advanced biometric technology that utilizes the unique patterns in an individual’s eye to verify their identity. This unique differentiation, across both left and right eyes and even between identical twins, ensures top-tier accuracy in identity verification.

  • Unmatched accuracy
Iris recognition offers unparalleled precision due to the unique, complex patterns of the iris, which are nearly impossible to replicate or forge.
  • Contactless user experience
Non-invasive and contactless, iris scanning provides a hassle-free, hygienic way to verify your identity without the need for physical touch.
  • Once in a lifetime
Your iris patterns remain stable and largely unchanged throughout your life, enabling long-term reliability without the need for re-enrollment.
  • Privacy first
Your iris data is safeguarded as a zero-knowledge proof, a mathematical representation rather than a visual snapshot, ensuring data privacy and minimizing the risk of identity theft.

Iris at the speed of light.

All-in-one ROC SDK.

The fastest, most advanced suite of multimodal biometrics. All in one place.

Multimodal Biometrics

  • Face Recognition
#1 global algorithm in combined speed and accuracy.
  • Fingerprint Recognition
#1 global algorithm in combined speed and accuracy.
  • Iris Recognition
#1 global algorithm in efficiency.

Object & Threat Detection

Proactively detect live threats with AI-powered computer vision.

Identify weapons, vehicles, obstacles, license plates, and more. Drive informed decision making with real-time analytics and dashboards

World-beating algorithms built on common sense and common ground.

ROC SDK is made in America by national security experts, scientists, and engineers. That’s why we’re trusted by the U.S. military, law enforcement, and leading FinTech brands.


The ROC difference.


Ethical and trustworthy

ROC is made in America to the most exacting standards. View our Code of Ethics


Real-world performance

Proven for over 200M transactions in 2023 alone, from FinTech to law enforcement.


Easy to integrate

Compatible with any OS, platform, and architecture. Deploy in the cloud, on-premise, or on the edge. Plus, get access to our support team of senior engineers.


Affordable and easy to buy.

Per device, per stream, or per transaction pricing – at a far more affordable rate than industry average – with server or edge licensing and free access to development SDK.

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