Public Safety

Protect communities, secure
frictionless access, build intelligence,
and support investigations


Deploy frictionless, intelligent security, stay informed of potential risks, and enable forensic investigations with searchable video archives.

  • Expedite security checks and provide accountability for known & trusted persons 
  • Rapidly verify unknown identities to protect our communities
  • Monitor access to property and assets to deter and investigate elicit behavior
  • Enhance local law-enforcement situational awareness

Market Segments

Safe Schools

Smart Cities

Visitor Management

State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement

Use Cases

Face Recognition at a Distance

Identify persons approaching a secure location with sufficient time to authorize access or alert authorities.

Object, License Plate, and Person Recognition

Maintain awareness, enable authorized access, prevent unwanted access using frictionless, real-time analytics

Access Control

Validate identities non-invasively and accurately when requiring access to secure facilities and systems.

Identity Deduplication

Prevent identity fraud during the issuance of driver’s licenses, passports, or visas by checking existing databases in real-time.

Forensic Search

Search large volumes of imagery in seconds using trained facial examiners to discover investigative leads in sensitive crimes.

Mobile Identification

Identify persons with mobile app convenience with or without connectivity.


Enable rapid face recognition search on recorded body cam video to improve officer and public safety.


Integrate the fastest, most accurate facial, object and text recognition software + liveness detection into your solution

Recognize persons, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems; automate alerts; and drive informed decision making

Deploy custom-tailored AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned for your specific needs

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