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Intelligent computer vision to make your world safer and more convenient


US provider of FR in combined accuracy and efficiency


Successful identity verifications


Faster authentication – real time


Processing efficiency – mobile



Prevent fraud, build loyalty, and onboard remote customers in seconds.

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Public Safety

Secure frictionless access, build intelligence, and support investigations.

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National Security

Secure borders, protect assets, enhance effectiveness, and build intelligence.

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Commercial Security & Engagement

Secure spaces and investigations, assure consistent operations, and monitor threats.

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Integrate the fastest, most accurate facial, object and text recognition software + liveness detection into your solution

Recognize persons, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems; automate alerts; and drive informed decision making

Deploy custom-tailored AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned for your specific needs

Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision should be used to make the world safer, more secure and more convenient without bias or threats to privacy.

SCOTT SWANN, CEO of Rank One Computing

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