ROC Watch

Protect spaces, increase awareness

Stay in the know with Live Video Alerting

  • Drive informed decision making
  • Recognize people and objects from an unlimited # of video feeds (Faces, Persons, Vehicles, Text, Weapons)
  • Identify VIPs to support customer experience
  • Read License Plates (LPR)
  • Automate real-time alerts
  • Monitor occupancy & mask compliance
  • Filter & search encounter logs

Robust Architecture

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Browser-Based
  • Real-Time & Post-Event

Lightning Fast

  • One-to-Many
  • Multiple Databases
  • Instant Alerts

Flexible Search

  • By Face
  • By Biographics
  • By Time


  • Add Watchlists
  • Add Cameras
  • Add Alerts

Setup and Integration

Quick to setup and great support

When you purchase ROC Watch, you will get access to a support team staffed by the engineers who built it

Easy to integrate

Armed with ROC Watch, you can quickly deploy an intelligent video management solution that manages any number of video feeds, provides robust search and archiving, and leverages industry leading face and object detection to power your existing workflows

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