National Security

Protect assets, enhance effectiveness,
and build intelligence


ROC’s intelligent computer vision improves the capabilities of our first responders, officers, and warfighters, reducing cognitive workload by providing cost effective situational awareness and actionable intelligence in challenging environments.

  • Extend the security perimeter with on-edge face, vehicle, and object recognition
  • Increase security with live biometric and LPR alerting
  • Control access to sensitive systems with authoritative identity proofing
  • Streamline biometric capture with high quality mobile enrollment

Market Segments

Military Operations


Border Security

Visitor Management

Use Cases

Identity Deduplication

Prevent identity fraud during the issuance of driver’s licenses, passports, or visas by checking existing databases in real-time.

Face Recognition at a Distance

Identify persons approaching a secure location with sufficient time to authorize access or alert authorities.

Object, License Plate, and Person Recognition

Maintain awareness, enable authorized access, prevent unwanted access using frictionless, real-time analytics.

Access Control

Validate identities non-invasively and accurately when requiring access to secure facilities and systems.

Real-time Screening

Protect bases and sensitive sites by validating identities of persons passing through checkpoints.

Enterprise Screening

Detect known terrorists, criminals, and persons of interest in real time with an American Made enterprise biometric identification system.


Integrate the fastest, most accurate facial, object and text recognition software + liveness detection into your solution

Recognize persons, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems; automate alerts; and drive informed decision making

Deploy custom-tailored AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned for your specific needs

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