Match Latent Prints in Seconds

Empower your law enforcement agency with latent fingerprint capabilities 500x faster than industry standard.

See how ROC is revolutionizing law enforcement.

In today’s fast-paced world, an hour is an eternity.  ROC’s leading-edge latent fingerprint technology reduces matching times from a matter of hours to just 15 seconds, transforming our approach to modern law enforcement.


global fingerprint algorithm in combined accuracy and efficiency.

  • Criminal Identification
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Intelligence
  • Public Safety
  • Counterterrorism

Breakthrough biometrics. Top ranked by NIST.

As the world’s fastest latent fingerprint algorithm, our groundbreaking solution represents a major leap forward in biometric intelligence for national security and public safety agencies.

15 seconds

ROC latent fingerprint matching time.

42 minutes

Next closest algorithm matching time.

2 hours

Industry average matching time.


Most accurate global latent fingerprint algorithm.


Most accurate global algorithm in FBI Laboratory Dataset.


Most accurate global algorithm in latent palmprint search.

All testing was performed on ROC SDK v3.0 by NIST ELFT as of February 2, 2024. 

Empowering a new era of public safety.

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Why faster fingerprint recognition matters.

From crime scene investigations to cold cases, ROC latent fingerprint algorithms will enable powerful new use cases by cutting down response times and extending capabilities to edge and mobile.

  • Real-time decision making.

Ultra-fast matching speeds enable officers in the field to instantly verify identities and respond to potential threats at traffic stops, border checkpoints, and more.

  • Identify suspects quickly and accurately.

Identify unknown suspects in seconds by analyzing latent fingerprints, palm prints, or faces captured from videos and photos.

  • Close latent fingerprint cases faster.

Fast-track the resolution of latent fingerprint investigations, ensuring timely justice and expediting the closure of cases, including cold cases.

  • Unlock new use cases and possibilities.

Drive innovation in law enforcement by leveraging rapid fingerprint recognition to explore new investigative avenues and public safety initiatives.

The future of fingerprint is American.

ROC is proudly made in America to an industry leading code of ethics. That’s why we’re trusted by the U.S. military, leading law enforcement agencies, and global FinTech brands.


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