Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

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Discover unprecedented speed, accuracy, and flexibility in the only automatic license plate recognition solution that scales with your needs – built 100% in-house by ROC.

Process license plates in real-time from nearly any device

Store data securely in the cloud or locally in your workspace for instant offline access from anywhere

Proven and trusted by industry-leading public and private organizations around the world, including U.S. law enforcement and government

Integrates seamlessly with most RTSP camera systems and smart devices

Lightning-fast ALPR for Smarter Parking, Traffic, Security, and Law Enforcement

Our cutting edge ALPR software can automatically read and recognize license plates from video files or images captured on any device – even in challenging environments like low-light, high-motion or angled images.

Automated Parking Management and Enforcement

Automated Parking Management and Enforcement

  • Monitor vehicles in real-time for parking, security, or law enforcement
  • Automatically approve or reject access to a parking facility
  • Set alerts for arrivals and departures
  • Identify unregistered or non compliant vehicles for escalation
  • Manage commercial vehicle fleets with smart check-in/out
Faster Ticketing and Smarter Toll Systems

Faster Ticketing and Smarter Toll Systems

  • Manage roadways and parking structures
  • Read and extract license plate data accurately in seconds
  • Track fast-moving vehicles and broaden your coverage
  • Generate revenue and enforce violations without clogging traffic
Smarter Vehicle Investigations

Smarter Vehicle Investigations

  • Streamline your process with live license plate search
  • Find stolen vehicles on the road in real time using traffic cameras
  • Get more comprehensive search results with a system that provides approximate plate matches, even when inputted characters are incorrect or only partially captured by the system
Rapid, Effective Emergency Responses

Rapid, Effective Emergency Responses

  • Identify incidents as they occur with real-time alerting
  • Find license plates – even with incorrect or incomplete input
  • After an incident, automatically search surveillance footage for a known vehicle by license plate

ALPR Software Products

Whether you need a standalone automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution or an integration for your existing software suite, ROC SDK brings the flexibility and functionality you need to accomplish more in less time.

Built by Developers, for Developers

Our software is designed to be developer-friendly, with a wide range of APIs, SDKs, and sample code available to help you integrate our software into your own applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, our software is designed to be easy to use and integrate.  
  • Quick, easy setup and integration
  • Free access to development SDK
  • OS, platform, and device agnostic
  • Extensive documentation and sample code
  • Deploys in the cloud, on-prem, or on a mobile device
  • Works with existing camera and VMS systems
  • Up and running in minutes

Intelligent Live Analytics at Your Fingertips

Quickly deploy a smart solution for managing any number of video feeds, with robust license plate search, archiving, alerts, and analytics. This cloud platform unlocks the speed and flexibility of our flagship SDK, with a simple, intuitive dashboard for management and analytics.  
  • Intuitive dashboard for live video analytics
  • Camera and watchlist management
  • Video recording and playback
  • Rule-based smart alerts via email or text

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Lightweight and built for speed, ROC SDK powers both enterprise and edge-based applications when failure is not an option.

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From law enforcement to commercial security and federal investigations, our license plate recognition technology is trusted by technology leaders across the country and around the world.


What is automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology?


ALPR is a technology that uses cameras and software to read and interpret license plate information.

How do license plate recognition systems work?


ALPR works by capturing an image of a license plate, pre-processing the image, localizing the plate, segmenting the characters, using OCR to recognize the characters, and post-processing the results.

Image capture

The first step in LPR is to capture an image of a license plate using a camera. The camera can be fixed or mobile and can capture images in different lighting conditions.


Once the image is captured, pre-processing algorithms are used to improve the quality of the image. This can include adjusting the contrast and brightness of the image, removing noise, and enhancing the edges of the license plate.

Plate localization

In this step, the software identifies the license plate within the image. This can be done by looking for patterns or shapes that are characteristic of license plates.

Character segmentation

Once the license plate has been localized, the software separates the individual characters on the plate. This can be a challenging step, as license plates can vary in size, shape, and font.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

In this step, the software uses OCR algorithms to recognize and read the individual characters on the license plate. This can involve comparing the characters against a database of known characters or using machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in the characters.


Once the characters have been recognized, post-processing algorithms can be used to validate the license plate number and correct any errors that may have occurred during the OCR process.

How is license plate recognition (LPR) used?


License plate recognition can support a wide range of corporate and community infrastructure needs, including:

Parking management

LPR can be used to manage parking in corporate and community settings. By using cameras to scan license plates, parking administrators can track the duration of a car's stay and issue citations to cars that overstay their allotted time.


LPR can be used as part of a security system to monitor entrances and exits, or secure an event perimeter. For example, in corporate settings, LPR can be used to automatically grant access to authorized vehicles and employees, while denying entry to unauthorized individuals.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies can use LPR technology to identify stolen vehicles, monitor traffic flow, and enforce traffic violations. By scanning license plates, law enforcement officers can quickly identify vehicles that are associated with criminal activity or outstanding warrants.

Toll collection

LPR can be used to facilitate toll collection on highways and bridges. By scanning license plates, toll authorities can bill drivers for tolls without requiring them to stop at toll booths.

Community safety

LPR can be used to improve community safety by identifying vehicles that are associated with criminal activity. For example, LPR can be used to monitor vehicles that are known to be involved in drug trafficking or other criminal enterprises.

Emergency management

License plate recognition technology can help streamline response and recovery efforts during and after an incident by providing real-time data on the movement of people and vehicles.

Do you support all license plates internationally? Which countries' license plates can ROC SDK detect?


ROC SDK can read any license plate with characters from the Latin alphabet, including those used in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.

Can you read the "state" off of the U.S. license plates?


Yes, ROC SDK has the capability to automatically determine the state of origin on any domestic license plate.

What requirements do you have to read and recognize a car license plate?


ROC SDK will attempt to read a license plate captured at any side, but we recommend positioning cameras to capture license plates with a character height of at least 32 pixels for optimal accuracy.

How close does a camera / quality of an image have to be to detect / read a plate?


Our general guidance is that, if a human could make out the characters, so will the algorithm. If the image is blurry or the camera is too far, the algorithm will make a “best effort” attempt to read the plate, but the quality score will decrease. The more clear the image / video input, the higher the quality score, meaning the more sure the algorithm is that a character detection is accurate.

What OS requirements do your products have?


The ROC SDK is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Do you process data on the edge or on the cloud?


We offer both options. The efficiency and small template size of ROC SDK makes it well-suited for optimal performance in both on-edge and large-scale cloud applications.