ROC Facial LiveScan 2.0:

Analytics + Quality Check + Liveness

Acquire a single, standards-compliant facial image using our on-edge native app or no-code browser-based solution

Provide responsive user feedback during enrollment

Display real-time, reactive feedback so that users can easily provide a face image that meets quality thresholds without inconvenience.

Auto-select the image that best meets quality thresholds

Automatically capture a final facial image frame that adheres to all specified compliance metrics.

  • ICAO Compliance
  • ISO Compliance
  • Other specified criteria

Adjust image quality thresholds to meet specific mission needs

Specify the image standards and metrics (ISO, ICAO, etc.) required for each respective use case.

Detect fraudulent submissions, even with unattended enrollments

Apply ROC’s patented single-image, passive liveness checker to prevent fraudsters from spoofing the system.

Confirm face image quality during image capture

Confirm in real time whether images meet quality thresholds for Facial Recognition algorithms using ROC’s industry leading quality metric.

Deploy Livescan 2.0 as either a no-code, browser workflow or a native Android App

Take advantage of the full LiveScan 2.0 technology stack whether on an embedded device, thin-client browser with cloud-server back-end, tablet, or nearly any hardware and operating system.

Support a range of different use-cases

Whether digital onboarding, ID credential issuance (driver’s license, facility access card, passport application, etc.), passenger travel, time and attendance, ID proofing, or many other legacy and emerging use-cases of facial identity information.

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