The Safer Schools Initiative

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A pilot program to improve proactive security capabilities in one of our nation’s most vulnerable spaces.

Object Detection Software teams have been working closely with more than 50 schools in four West Virginia districts to integrate our advanced computer vision software with existing school-based camera systems.

ROC Watch enables school administrators to automatically:

Screen visitors before they enter the premises

Detect incidents or intruders

Configure smart alerts for any device

Count or locate missing children during an incident

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Panoramic view of the city
School corridor
Video surveillance system
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This program is currently in a pilot phase, operating solely in West Virginia school districts as we refine our algorithms to meet our undeniably high standards of accuracy, speed and precision. Please fill out the form below to request additional information about this initiative, join the pilot waitlist, and get updates as the program advances.


What is Rank One Computing?

Rank One Computing ( is an American-made, employee-owned company that leverages computer vision technology to improve safety and security across the country and around the world. From our humble headquarters in Denver, CO to our east coast hub in Morgantown, WV, we proudly partner with U.S. government agencies, community organizations, and commercial enterprises to develop, deploy, and evolve custom technology solutions for security where it’s needed most.

What is ROC Watch?

ROC Watch is a video analytics software developed by that uses existing video cameras to improve campus safety with an automated, rule-based platform for access control. By detecting long guns and preventing unauthorized visitors from accessing facilities, ROC Watch ensures every student has a safe and secure learning environment. Learn More.

What are the benefits of using ROC Watch in schools?

ROC Watch offers school districts a fast, accurate, cost-effective solution to strengthen school security, without creating traffic backups for students and staff.
The United States saw more K-12 school shootings in 2022 than ever before. More than half of teachers fear “purposeful mass homicide” in their workplace, according to Education Week. School-based violence has dominated news cycles for far too many years now without meaningful solutions – until now.
ROC Watch offers school administrators a smarter, faster path to automatically detect long guns (responsible for about half of mass shootings according to the Gun Violence Archive), control building access, and contact police or emergency services in a crisis. With ROC Watch, schools can also expand security perimeters, implement additional security layers, set up custom rule-based alerts, and prevent unauthorized access to school facilities.

How will this system be used?

By enrolling our expected staff, parents, and visitors ahead of time, we can deter building access for all unauthorized individuals, including the ability to revoke access for legally restricted persons, former staff, expelled students, child sex offenders and more.
Each school district will define their own policies for camera placement, enrollment participation, and data storage.

Will Rank One Computing access, store or sell my personal data?

No – all data will be managed and stored on school property and/or school-owned and managed systems. Any personal information ROC encounters as part of routine maintenance will be handled with due considerations and sensitivities, in compliance with all applicable laws.

What should I do if the camera system doesn’t correctly identify me when I visit the property?

Contact a school administrator using the front door intercom or follow other instructions posted near the facility entrance.