The fastest, most advanced multimodal biometrics and video analytics SDK

ROC’s 3rd generation software development kit (SDK) deploys intelligent computer vision and machine learning models to power versatile analytic algorithms to extract powerful insights from your data.

Face Detection and Recognition

Detect faces in photos and videos and identify them with industry-leading accuracy and speed.

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Face Analytics

Analyze faces to determine attributes such as age, emotion, gender, glasses, mask, quality, as well many others.

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Face Liveness

Check a face to determine ICAO compliance and Liveness.

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Fingerprint Recognition

Match exemplar, latent, and contactless fingerprints with top rated global fingerprint algorithm in combined accuracy and efficiency.

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License Plate Recognition

Read License Plates to manage vehicle entry/exit, support law enforcement, monitor traffic flows.

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Object Detection

Detect objects such as automobiles, boats, military vehicles, persons, tattoos, and various others.

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The ROC Difference

Faster and more accurate

#1 American FR provider based on combined NIST tests for accuracy and efficiency [See the latest test results]

Ethical and trustworthy

100% Made-in-America with highest ethical standards and commitment to privacy [See our Code of Ethics]

Real world performance

Real-time results and mobile ready

Proven impact

Trusted by the largest financial institutions, federal law enforcement, and US military

Easy integration

Compatible with any OS / platform / architecture (cloud, on-prem, or on mobile)

Cost effective

Free 30-day evaluation license; Integrates with existing camera systems; requires 5x less processing hardware

Easy to buy

Per stream or per transaction pricing models; Server or edge licensing

Personalized support

Well-written documentation; extended evergreen maintenance options

Setup and Integration

Quick to setup and great support

Our SDK is built by engineers for engineers. When you purchase the ROC SDK, you will get full access to a support team staffed by those very engineers.

Easy to integrate

Armed with our SDK, you can integrate our artificial intelligence models into your existing workflows within minutes using our intuitive Command-Line-Interface.

Technical Specifications

Wide OS Support

Our SDK can be integrated across all prominent operating systems:

Mac OS





C API Wrappers

Support for all major programming languages:







Command Line Interface

A robust command line interface allows constructing systems from shell scripts.

Fully Native Solution

No internet connection required.

Video Support

Process videos in real-time using a single core on a mobile device or server.


Leverage FR technology on your own Web service on hardware that you control.

GPU Support

Leverage GPUs for even greater templatization throughput.


All the listed features are packaged in a small but mighty 300mb binary.

How to Get Started

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