Rank One Computing recently released version 1.14 of the world’s most versatile face recognition solution, the ROC SDK™.

Rank One’s CEO, Brendan Klare, had the following to say about this latest release: “We are excited to deliver to our customers yet another significant accuracy improvement. We hope this latest version, coupled with the measured performance in the NIST benchmarks, will attract new users who are seeking a face recognition solution that provides both top-tier accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, while accuracy and efficiency can be quantitatively measured through third-party testing, what cannot be measured is usability and customer support. We have a burgeoning reputation for the support we provide to our customers, as well as the usability of our SDK. Every aspect of this experience, whether it is accuracy, efficiency or usability, will continue to improve over time.”

The new algorithm provides substantial accuracy and efficiency improvements over previous versions across all types of imagery and environments. These major accuracy and efficiency improvements will be reflected in the coming days as part of the NIST FRVT Ongoing benchmarks, where Rank One’s v1.12 algorithm is currently the leading submission in combined accuracy and efficiency.


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