Automated face recognition (FR) is one of the fastest growing and most exciting technologies in the world. In the past several years there has been substantial improvements in the accuracy of FR algorithms, which has in turn fueled the rapid growth in the applications and deployments of FR technology.

While this growth is great news for our ever growing population being safer and more conveniently inter-connected, it also means there is more of a need for educational resources on how FR technology works, how to properly choose an FR solutions, and societal considerations around this powerful technology. While the academic literature is full of articles on many of these topics, these publications are often too dense for the broader community of users, integrators, and stakeholders. At the same time stories in media publications are often misinformed or focus only on narrow aspects of the conversation.

To help fill this void Rank One Computing is dedicating time and resources to providing educational content on all the important considerations around face recognition technology.

Our team’s background in automated face recognition technology provides an informed and diverse perspective on the subject:

  • For over a decade, several members of our team have been at the forefront of automated FR algorithms
  • Dozens of peer-reviewed academic articles on automated FR algorithms.
  • Multiple U.S. government agencies have been advised and directly supported by Rank One’s team members prior to the company’s founding in 2015.
  • Rank One’s algorithms are currently the most deployed FR solution in the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and they power over a dozen law enforcement agencies, major banks, a leading credit provider, and over 100M identity proofing verifications each year.

Over the course of these experiences we have learned a lot of lessons about face recognition technology, and through we intend to share these lessons with the greater community. And, for FR topics we are less familiar with, guest authors will join the conversation to share their thoughts.

We hope to hear from our readers along the way. We encourage you to leave a comment in the articles or <a href=reach out to us directly.

Brendan (and the Rank One team)

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