Rank One Computing has released version 1.18 of the ROC SDK, its flagship facial recognition solution, which is delivered with substantial accuracy improvements and several new features. Now available to Rank One’s user community, this release is one of the most significant progressions ever to Rank One’s face recognition algorithms, which are already industry-leading across most performance measurements.

The main highlight of this release is up to a 2x reduction in error rates across all types of facial imagery (constrained and unconstrained). This improvement was particularly profound across the more challenging demographics (race and gender).

A key new feature added with version 1.18 from Rank One is emotion classification. The company’s SDK users will be able to quickly assess whether a face appears joyful, sad, angry, fearful, disgusted, surprised, or has a neutral expression.

In previewing the new release, Rank One’s CEO Brendan Klare states: “Version 1.18 represents yet another major progression delivered to our customers and partners. Through a lot of hard work and innovation, our pace of our accuracy improvements is accelerating with no end in sight. Additionally, we are further re-investing in long term initiatives to ensure the ROC SDK remains an industry leader in accuracy, efficiency, and ease-of-use. Best of all for ROC customers under maintenance plans, our advanced licensing policies ensure that they can automatically take advantage of all these v1.18 enhancements.”

A detailed description of the improvements delivered in this release can be found in our blog post.

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