Rank One Computing (ROC), the most trusted provider of Facial Recognition algorithms to U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Commercial organizations, takes a strong stand on the importance of a secure American supply chain for domestic technology components including our nation’s critical identity systems. ROC CEO, Scott Swann moderates a panel discussion with industry and government leaders at this year’s Connect-ID conference in Washington, DC, October 5-6. Swann’s FBI background will inform an in-depth discussion about the potential risks posed within the supply chain that can include people; unexplainable AI; cybersecurity; and will explore specific recommendations for mitigating the threats to our national identity screening ecosystem.

“Buying American components for our strategic identification systems is about much more than national pride or American jobs,” says ROC CEO, Scott Swann. “These are the systems that protect our borders, secure our ports and airways, authorize access to our most sensitive infrastructure, and even clear our teachers and bus drivers. We depend on these systems for their speed and accuracy, so we must understand the limitations and vulnerabilities that foreign technology components can introduce.”

Building on President Biden’s January 28 executive order, Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers – and in the wake of high-profile security breaches that exposed thousands of individuals’ private information – Rank One is galvanizing industry efforts to mitigate supply chain risk for these systems.

ROC CEO, Scott Swann and high-ranking panelists from industry and government will discuss the latest developments and mitigation strategies for Supply Chain Risk and Explainable AI in our nation’s critical identification systems. The panel will convene at 11:35 am on 10/6 at the Connect-ID Conference, located in Washington, DC’s Walter E Washington Convention Center. Find ROC at Booth #207 or at rankone.io.


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