Face Analytics

Live visitor insights, powered by AI

Unlock customer insights in real time, with automated face analytics solutions from the fastest, most accurate, trusted developer of machine-learning algorithms in the world.

Object Detection Software

Tap into the proven accuracy and efficiency of our machine learning algorithms, ranked best in the world by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Instantly assess your customers across a spectrum of useful facial analytic metrics with powerful AI/ML software from ROC.

Integrate our flagship ROC SDK with any RFTP camera system for instant access to a comprehensive toolkit for:

  • Face recognition
  • Age estimation and age verification
  • Gender estimation
  • Emotion detection and analysis
  • Facial pose analysis
  • Geographic origin estimation
  • Detection of objects like glasses, masks, screens, and printouts
  • Facial hair analysis and tattoo matching
Tattoo recognition SDK

Face Recognition Features

Surveillance & Security

Age Estimation & Age Verification

With ROC Face Analytics software, catch up to 99% of underage buyers with minimal inconvenience to customers or employees.

  • Approve most of-age customers to purchase alcohol and tobacco products without requiring any document verification
  • Reduce labor by automating most ID checks
  • Comply with regulators and protect platforms from liability
  • Maintain brand integrity by deterring bad actors from exploiting your services
  • Focus on customers who meet your desired age profiles 
Intrusion detection

Compliance & Standardization

Automatically enforce consistent image lighting, background color, eye visibility, and more to support compliant image capture.

  • Meet international standards for identity document compliance
  • Remove backgrounds automatically to cut out face photos or set a consistent color
  • On-edge native app or no-code browser-based identity verification solution
Crowd control

Liveness Detection (Spoof Detection)

Detect and prevent fraudulent enrollments with ROC’s patented, single-frame passive liveness method that measures better than 99% Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) accuracy.

  • 100% sensor and system agnostic for use with existing frameworks
  • Process images and videos from any source
  • Returns a highly accurate liveness/anti-spoofing score in less than one second

The ROC Face Analytics Platform makes it unbelievably easy to identify customers, detect intruders, and unlock powerful user insights.

Online Gaming

There are almost 2.7 billion gamers around the globe and the number is growing exponentially.  Providing age restricted games to the appropriate audience is significant since they can negatively affect children.

Online Retail

Since minors can now buy alcohol/vapes using an adult’s payment cards, online age verification for these transactions has become more important than ever. This way, clever minors can no longer trick robust age verification checks.

Brick and Mortar Retail

With live face analytics, retail organizations can leverage existing security camera systems to deliver personalized recommendations and experiences to loyal customers.


In airports, government buildings, and public spaces, facial analytics can be used to detect potential threats and identify known criminals.


Facial recognition technology can be used to monitor patients and detect signs of distress or pain. This could be particularly useful for patients with dementia or other cognitive impairments who may have difficulty communicating their needs.


Schools can use facial recognition technology to improve security by ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed on campus, extending the security perimeter, and alerting school staff to the presence of prohibited guests.


Live video facial analytic technology can be used in marketing to better understand customer demographics and preferences. This can help businesses create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve the customer experience.


ROC Facial LiveScan 2.0

A Live Analytics Platform built to harness the power of our flagship ROC SDK.

  • Auto-select the image that best meets quality thresholds
  • Automatically capture a final facial image frame that adheres to all specified compliance metrics
  • Adjust image quality thresholds to meet specific mission needs


Our flagship multimodal biometrics software development kit leads the pack as the fastest, most accurate, scalable solution for automating facial analytics.

  • Leverage comprehensive capabilities including face analytics, license plate recognition (LPR), optical character recognition (OCR), object detection, tattoo analysis, and more
  • Integrate seamlessly with your choice of hardware, operating system, and RFTP camera setup

ROC Enterprise Search

All the power of ROC SDK, restructured to meet expansive commercial & community needs.

  • Scale your facial analytics to meet distributed capacity needs
  • Securely search, analyze, measure, and manage RFTP camera footage and live feeds, via web dashboard or AMQP
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-prem, via Kubernetes or Swarm
  • Access to American support engineers, plus comprehensive documentation and tools

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Which capabilities are you interested in?


What are face analytics and how do they work?


Machine learning algorithms integrated with camera systems analyze facial features in real time to estimate age, gender, sentiment, and behaviors of individuals based on their facial expressions and other characteristics.

What types of analytics do you offer?


Our software can detect age, facial hair, emotion, geographic origin, gender, eye/sun glasses, artwork, and masks. For convenience, the max value for each is provided as a string value under their respective category name.

How does age estimation work?


ROC SDK Face Analytics technology produces an estimated age for each individual using extremely accurate machine learning algorithms. We recommend age estimation not be used on children under 5. For best results, we recommend age estimation for people over 18.

Can you detect glasses and masks?

  • Yes - ROC SDK Face Analytics can detect glasses and masks

What Markets Benefit from the Use of Face Recognition Technology?


Face recognition technology can be effectively utilized across a diverse range of markets.

  • Retail and Shopping Centers
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Financial Services and Banking
  • Hospitality and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Medical Services
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Hospitality
  • Smart Cities and Public Administration
  • Information Technology and Software Development