Rank One Computing (ROC) shocks the identification community with the accuracy and performance of its first fingerprint algorithm submission to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Proprietary Fingerprint Template (PFT) Test.

ROC accuracy was measured in the top three of all performers in every category, including these
impressive results:

      • #1 most accurate performance on the challenging, cross-sensor, IARPA Nail-to-Nail evaluation sets
      • #1 most sensor-interoperable algorithm in the world
      • #1 most efficient algorithm submitted with search speeds soaring over 10,000x faster than all other participating vendors
      • #1 smallest template size – 160X smaller than the closest competitor.

With these breakout results and their new status as the only viable provider of 100% America-developed fingerprint algorithms, ROC now offers a compelling option for both
embedded and large-scale fingerprint system deployments to mitigate the risks from foreign developed AI/ML algorithms. In short, ROC now offers American-made algorithms that perform faster, require less computing power, and deliver more accurate results. As CEO B. Scott Swann states,

“ROC is extremely proud to put the U.S. on top of these AI/ML capabilities. For years there has been an over-dependence on foreign fingerprint technology. To my knowledge, the entire National Security screening apparatus has had no alternative to foreign fingerprint components to power these mission-critical systems. With this new algorithm, we are giving our customers the option to buy American while also deploying solutions that are more accurate and more efficient. As more agencies are migrating their enterprises to the cloud, these computing efficiencies translate to real cost savings.”

About ROC – Rank One Computing is a world leader in accurate and efficient face recognition and computer vision algorithms and the most trusted provider of Facial Recognition (FR) algorithms to the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, Fintech, and Commercial organizations. We are employee-owned, ethics driven, and 100% Made in America. Our AI/ML computer vision algorithms lead the industry in security, accuracy, and speed as proven in NIST government testing, tactical military applications, and hundreds of millions of identity proofing transactions. ROC offers a growing suite of mobile and desktop computer vision solutions for all your identification and analytics needs. Our company has offices in Denver, Colorado and Morgantown, West Virginia.

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more, or visit us at www.roc.ai.

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