Rank One Computing (ROC.ai), the renowned U.S. firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision, and biometric solutions, is delighted to introduce Mr. Benji Hutchinson as their new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). This crucial addition fortifies the company’s already robust executive suite.

Mr. Hutchinson became part of the ROC.ai family due to his long-standing professional relationships with CEO Mr. Scott Swann and COO Mr. Tony Brown.

Swann declared, “Here at ROC, we’re persistently assembling a globally trusted team of biometric and computer vision technologists built on camaraderie and integrity. With Mr. Hutchinson’s vast leadership experience, we’re more prepared than ever to journey into a new age of American AI and computer vision innovation.”

Mr. Hutchinson acknowledged his new position as an opportunity to significantly influence the company’s future direction. “ROC.ai crafts and deploys a broad suite of top-tier, NIST-ranked algorithms, which outshine nearly all global competitors in speed and precision. This factor, along with the team’s commitment to national security and the commercial sector, represents a remarkable opportunity to escalate a highly successful American company and open new markets with unparalleled capabilities.”

Mr. Hutchinson’s impressive career spans over two decades across public and private sectors, where he held pivotal roles at esteemed organizations like Paravision, NEC, and Idemia. His profound expertise in digital identity and computer vision technologies will greatly aid ROC.ai’s current expansion strategies, especially given the growing demand for swift, accurate, and ethically designed computer vision algorithms.

“In my role as CRO, I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the team to penetrate new markets, boost ROC’s global prestige, and foster American advancements in AI, computer vision, and biometrics,” added Mr. Hutchinson.

Before joining ROC.ai, Mr. Hutchinson had a remarkable track record, which included the following:

  • Introducing innovative products as President and COO of Paravision, to include a large-scale image search engine and deep fake detection technologies.
  • Establishing NEC National Security Systems, dedicated to serving NEC’s federal government customers, and successfully rolling out DHS’s face recognition enterprise systems.
  • Leading Idemia’s National Security division, including the successful launch of their enterprise multimodal biometric ABIS cloud solution.
  • In Spring 2023, Mr. Hutchinson was appointed to the Department of Commerce-led National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC), Law Enforcement Subcommittee, a prestigious position mandated to advise the President and the White House National AI Initiative Office.

Mr. Hutchinson earned a BA in International Economics and French, an MA in French Language and Literature, and an MA in International Affairs from the University of Kentucky. He also secured post-graduate executive certificates from the Darden School of Business Administration, University of Virginia, and Harvard Business School Online. He has appeared before Congress to discuss the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s use of facial recognition technology. His current board memberships include the International Center for Biometric Research at Purdue University and the Security Industry Association’s Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board, which he chairs. Mr. Hutchinson resides in Park City, UT, and enjoys alpine sports, live music, global travel, and European history. He is also a distinguished Kentucky Colonel.

Brendan Klare, ROC’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, enthusiastically welcomed Mr. Hutchinson, stating, “His extensive experience and passion for the biometric industry align perfectly with our vision and goals. His appointment marks a significant milestone in ROC.ai’s journey as we continue to revolutionize face recognition and computer vision technologies.”

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