As published in the West Virginia Executive magazine, November 14, 2023.

Tackling Our Nation’s Most Troubling Challenges

A world leader in biometric face recognition and computer vision solutions, Rank One Computing ( is excited to introduce its local Safer Schools Initiative. This critical program, which aligns with the statewide West Virginia School Safety Initiative, will enhance safety and security measures before, during, and after a potential incident—first in West Virginia schools, then across the country and around the world.

“We are thrilled to be working with schools in West Virginia to pilot this important innovation. School safety is a top priority for us. We are dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that will help build a safer future for children and educators everywhere.”

Scott Swann, CEO of


  1. Detection and Prevention
    Local law enforcement and school administrators collaborate on proactive watchlists of prohibited individuals, including discharged employees and expelled students. ROC Watch automatically sends alerts to school security and designated authorities.
  2. Crisis Response
    ROC Watch can detect a long gun near the building entrance, instantly notifying local authorities to restrict access. It flags unapproved visitors attempting to pick up children from school, informing security or staff to intervene.
  3. Post-Crisis Response
    During an evacuation, ROC Watch quickly counts children to ensure no one is missing. It can identify a missing student’s current location with or without a face in view and trace their movement across multiple camera streams.

Leading the Future of Proactive Intelligent Technology Solutions

The ROC Watch live video analytics platform seamlessly integrates into most school-based camera systems, providing enhanced security via proactive real-time monitoring and an efficient virtual badgeless visitor management system that:

  • Approves or denies visitors before they enter the premises.
  • Detects incidents, intruders, and the presence of weapons.
  • Provides smart alerts for any device.
  • Locates missing children within the premises.

To ensure a successful rollout, collaborated closely with 54 schools in four West Virginia districts, joining forces to optimize the technology, meet world-class standards of privacy, accuracy, speed, and precision, and tackle one of our nation’s most severe challenges.’s Safer Schools Initiative wouldn’t be possible without West Virginia’s school districts, superintendents, state police, senators, the WV Department of Homeland Security, and the WV Office of Technology.


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