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ROC, a world leader in computer vision for the U.S. military, law enforcement and fintech, has donated its state-of-the-art computer vision and biometrics technology to West Virginia University. 

The gift allows students and faculty to access ROC’s NIST-ranked software for research and development across emerging industries including computer vision, biometrics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and cybersecurity.

Face Recognition
#1 global algorithm in combined speed and accuracy.

Fingerprint Recognition
#1 global algorithm in combined speed and accuracy. 

Iris Recognition
#1 global algorithm in efficiency.

Object & Threat Detection
Proactively detect live threats with AI-powered computer vision.

“We are beyond thrilled to provide WVU students and faculty with access to our world-class biometric and computer vision technologies. Having earned my master’s degree in software engineering from WVU, I am excited that we can be part of training the next generation of computer vision engineers. This partnership will give students valuable, hands-on experience with innovative technologies that are increasingly critical for both government and commercial applications. It goes hand-in-hand with ROC’s mission of promoting homegrown innovation at its core.”

Scott Swann, CEO of ROC

“ROC is an industry leader in the biometrics sector. Their cutting-edge recognition software will give students the opportunity to apply these tools in research projects funded by the Center for Identification Technology Research and other agencies. It also provides unique learning and training opportunities that students would not normally receive. It is a great addition to our suite of capabilities.”’

Jeremy Dawson, Associate Professor, WVU Statler College

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