ROC facial recognition algorithms have outperformed all Western competitors in accuracy and efficiency, ranking 7th globally out of 478 algorithms submitted, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) latest benchmark tests released February 2, 2023.

ROC SDK V 2.4 Facial Recognition Algorithm Performance

  • #1 Western algorithm
  • #7 Global algorithm
  • 2x improvement in error rates in just 5 months

Benchmark tests evaluated error rates for each algorithm across 8 data sets including Visa, Mugshot, Border Security, and ‘Wild’ or candid facial recognition. Across the board, our latest edition of ROC SDK v2.4 delivers massive improvements, reducing error rates by as much as 2x compared to ROC v2.2 released just 5 months ago.

“We are pleased but not surprised to see that our latest edition of ROC SDK leads the pack on facial recognition,” said ROC CEO Scott Swann. “Through continuous innovation, ROC will only continue to shape the future of the global biometrics landscape with objectively superior computer-vision capabilities.”

Face recognition technology can be used to enhance safety and security in a number of environments and scenarios, including:

  1. Identity verification protects sensitive communications or transactions from fraud.
  2. Access management protects sensitive facilities like banks, schools, government buildings, and data centers from intruders.
  3. Video search streamlines criminal investigations by quickly identifying the most relevant segments of footage for human examination.

Following our recent rise to the top in fingerprint detection accuracy, these latest results further solidify the momentum we are building on the world stage. From fingerprint analysis to license plate detection and facial recognition, all ROC products are produced domestically in Denver, Colorado and Morgantown, WV, powered by the organization’s industry-leading proprietary software development kit (SDK).

Reach out now to start your journey toward integrating the best-in-class ROC AI facial recognition capabilities!

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