Prevent fraud, build loyalty, onboard
remote customers in seconds


Know your customer (KYC) to minimize risk and remain compliant. ROC powers identity verification services to the world’s most trusted banks and financial institutions. Our small footprint makes ROC the best choice for mobile app deployment.

  • Provide tailored customer experiences
  • Instantly onboard customers via mobile or kiosk with document and liveness checks
  • Authenticate sign-in attempts
  • Comply with KYC regulations and prevent fraud
  • Validate identities against government issued credentials at the time of enrollment

Market Segments

Online banking

Online commerce

Benefit Distribution

Use Cases

Customer Enrollment

Deploy quick efficient workflows to enroll customers using biometrics
and document scanning that builds loyalty and prevents fraud.

KYC / ID Proofing

Validate customer or guest identities by comparing a live selfie to an approved ID card photo and confirming that the ID card is authentic.

Liveness Fraud Detection

ROC’s patented passive liveness solution prevents fraudsters from spoofing face recognition through use of photos, avatars, or masks.

1:1 Multi-factor Authentication

Strengthen security by adding biometrics as an additional layer
of protection to prevent fraudulent transactions.

1:N Reverification / Deduplication

ROC’s 1:N face matching software eliminates costly re-enrollments, reduces third-party validation costs,
prevents fraudsters from opening accounts, and ensures an individual only opens one account.

Age Verification

Estimate a customer age based on biometric features for a low friction approach to protecting minors from accessing prohibited products or online content.


Integrate the fastest, most accurate facial, object and text recognition software + liveness detection into your solution

Recognize persons, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems; automate alerts; and drive informed decision making

Deploy custom-tailored AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned for your specific needs

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