Custom Enterprise AI Solutions

Level up with next-gen computer vision algorithms tailored to your business

Deploy customized AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned to your specific needs 

    • Improve performance against new or novel objects
  • Reduce cognitive workload and focus human intelligence where it matters most
    • Turn your data into useful algorithms

Details & Features

Building on our decades of combined experience developing, testing, deploying, and improving AI/ML computer vision algorithms, ROC now partners with organizations to develop tailored computer vision algorithms that detect unique, high value targets.

  • AI Algorithm(s) perform the Low-value tasks – repetitive, labor-intensive tasks that are often time-consuming
  • So humans can focus on the High-value tasks: contextual understanding (visual analysis), (expert) intuition, values, ethics, morals, empathy, creativity

These customized algorithms provide safe and ethical methods for parsing large data sets of images or videos to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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