Commercial Security & Engagement

Secure spaces, assure consistent operations,
and monitor threats


ROC Watch live alerting provides a non-intrusive and accurate solution to monitor guest activity, improve efficiency, build customer intimacy, and grow the bottom line.

  • Prevent fraud online and in-person by validating identities wherever enrollment occurs
  • Detect and prevent duplicate enrollments and benefits sharing
  • Deliver fast and frictionless access to physical spaces and member benefits
  • Accelerate investigations, reduce losses, and prevent repeat incidents with real-time person and vehicle recognition

Market Segments


  • Deliver couch-to-seat convenience and more compelling fan experiences
  • Monitor for persons of concern
  • Enhance spectator safety and speed investigations with searchable inventories of persons and vehicles 


  • Authenticate identities online and on-premises for friction-free game play and fraud-free loyalty programs
  • Enhance responsible gaming compliance
  • Combat fraud and prevent crime
  • Enable e-Wallet convenience
  • Speed post-event investigations with searchable archives


  • Maintain awareness and security across muti-unit venues
  • Enable ticketless entry and couch-to-seat convenience
  • Recognize fraudulent ticket sellers
  • Alert authorities about known trouble-makers
  • Speed post-event investigations with searchable archives

Use Cases

Build Lasting Relationships

Recognize opt-in reward program members for delivery of highly personalized experiences and capture daily shopper demographics for informed marketing that drives sales.


Prevent Fraud

Detect fraud in loyalty programs and eWallet platforms through robust identity proofing, secure access authorization, and de-duplication.

Security Operations

Speed investigations through searchable inventories of persons and vehicles; recognize persons of concern quickly to facilitate response; identify patterns and trends across multi-unit enterprises.

Recognize Guests & VIPs

Recognize return guests and opt-in reward members to deliver personalized and audience tailored experiences.

Vendor & Staff Compliance

Eliminate timecard fraud and buddy punching; control access to sensitive areas or hazardous locations, speed visitor and vendor registration and daily check-ins.


Integrate the fastest, most accurate facial, object and text recognition software + liveness detection into your solution

Recognize persons, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems; automate alerts; and drive informed decision making

Deploy custom-tailored AI/ML-powered computer vision solutions tuned for your specific needs

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