Rank One Computing’s (ROC) Facial LiveScan v2.0 is now available with real-time facial analytics, compliance checks with the ISO and ICAO standards, and anti-spoof detection based on ISO-certified liveness standards. Available as either a no-code, browser-based workflow or a native Android application, ROC Facial LiveScan 2.0 provides a flexible, scalable solution to developers of ID proofing, passenger kiosks, identification card credentialing, or time and attendance solutions to ensure that users are submitting facial imagery that complies with predefined standards that each organization can specify to best meet their mission needs.

Rank One Computing’s (ROC) Facial LiveScan 2.0 combines the latest in face recognition analytics, accuracy, and efficiency delivered in ROC SDK v2.3 with image quality validation and an updated LiveScan API that supports any system architectures. 

One key component of this upgrade is our recent ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 1 certified facial liveness and anti-spoof method. Using a patented single-frame, passive liveness method, users can achieve 99% spoof detection accuracy. ROC Liveness significantly reduces identity fraud for unattended facial verification systems (e.g., ID proofing through mobile apps). 

Another critical component upgraded in this new Facial LiveScan version is the overhauled ROC Analytics framework. This capability in the ROC SDK now allows the real-time measurement of dozens of facial analytics. This includes ISO and ICAO standards compliance enabling secure government-issued document verification, travel processes, or enterprise know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. 

Finally, ROC is offering Facial LiveScan 2.0 as either a web-stack “no-code” browser-based enrollment workflow or a native Android application.  This means that ROC Facial LiveScan 2.0 will enable accurate, efficient, and configurable live scan capabilities to diverse use cases ranging from a mobile device, an embedded device such as an attended kiosk, or a thin-client browser application with a cloud-server back-end.

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more or visit us at www.roc.ai.

About ROC – Rank One Computing is a world leader in accurate and efficient face recognition (FR) and computer vision algorithms and the most trusted provider to the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, Fintech, and Commercial organizations. We are employee-owned, ethics driven, and 100% Made in America. Our AI/ML computer vision algorithms lead the industry in security, accuracy, and speed as proven in NIST government testing, tactical military applications, and hundreds of millions of identity proofing transactions. ROC offers a growing suite of mobile and desktop computer vision solutions for all your identification and analytics needs. Our company has offices in Denver, Colorado and Morgantown, West Virginia.

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