?Critical infrastructure around the world is securely monitored by video management systems (VMS) that record observations from a large array of security cameras and provide security personnel with live views of the areas being monitored. While these systems provide good value for forensically understanding what happened during critical events or to provide limited real-time awareness of what is happening in monitored areas, human review is not a practical or scalable solution for ensuring proper security posture in most of these deployments.

One of the most important pieces of analytic information from VMS security is to understand whether unauthorized persons are present in a given location or a given time, and to alert necessary personnel when this happens. These systems further need to provide investigators the ability to rapidly search through large archives of security footage to forensically identify persons of interest after an incident has occurred. These problems are solved by integration of face recognition (FR) algorithms with VMS functionality.

Unfortunately the current solutions for FR in VMS are limited by trust issues and the woeful inefficiency of most FR algorithms. In terms of trust, these FR algorithms are often developed in regions of the world that do not meet Western security requirements to appropriately handle sensitive data. In terms of efficiency, most FR algorithms will require extensive hardware purchases in order to operate. Today, these problems are alleviated with the introduction of the ROC Watch product.

ROC Watch is a facial recognition plugin for Milestone’s XProtect Video Management System. ROC Watch augments and extends building management’s ability to ensure security, optimize logistics and provide elevated hospitality. The user interface for ROC Watch enables personnel to quickly learn and easily manage the system through Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client. ROC Watch’s distributed architecture allows the system to flexibly plug into diverse installation requirements while maintaining reliability at scale.

Built atop the only U.S. developed facial recognition algorithm with top-tier accuracy and efficiency across all NIST FRVT metrics, ROC Watch offers a responsible and trustworthy real-time face recognition solution.

Rank One’s newly available product allows you to:

  • Leverage the industry’s only FR algorithm with top-tier accuracy and efficiency across all metrics in the NIST FRVT benchmarking inside of a scalable and modular VMS architecture.
  • View encounter logs and organize your visitors into relevant groups.
  • Automate system actions such as alarms, access control, and more when certain persons or groups are encountered.
  • Document & manage visitors with notes, names, and other metadata about individual persons.
  • Investigate incidents on an identity-level basis to answer questions such as: “Who was there? Has that person been there before? Where else has that person been?”
  • Download reports about individual persons or groups of persons, including location history, appearances, and notes.

Rank One’s Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, David Ray, had the following to say about Rank One’s latest offering: “ROC Watch transforms situational awareness by providing accurate, real-time alerts when persons of interest visit your building. Instead of combing through footage, security professionals can now respond to live events as they unfold and perform investigations from a baseline knowledge of all person encounters. ROC Watch makes the security camera effective for real-time use and comprehensive in after-action use. Relative to competing solutions, ROC Watch pays for itself through savings on hardware due to Rank One’s industry-leading speed and efficiency.”

More details about the ROC Watch system can be found at ROC Watch.

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