A Bold New Vision for American-Made, Globally Trusted Biometrics

New brand aligns with core mission and values, and coincides with the launch of ROC SDK 3, featuring three industry-leading, NIST-ranked modalities: face, fingerprint, and iris recognition.

Rank One Computing, a world leader in computer vision and biometrics, today announced its rebranding to ROC, unveiling a new logo and design system to reflect its mission to be the most trusted source of American-made biometric technology, delivering innovative, inclusive, and responsible solutions to customers worldwide. 

“We built this company to create incredibly powerful yet simple-to-integrate biometric solutions that make the world smarter, safer, and stronger. Our new brand reflects this spirit of innovation and our unique position in the biometrics industry. As the only multimodal biometrics and computer vision provider that’s proudly 100% American made, we are closing the gap in global biometrics faster than ever. This is a critical differentiator for our national security apparatus, who have relied heavily on foreign-developed algorithms in the past, but now have a viable, globally competitive, homegrown option.”

B. Scott Swann, CEO of ROC

The rebrand coincides with the launch of ROC SDK 3, the company’s third-generation developer kit, featuring three industry-leading modalities that have achieved top rankings by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):

  • Face Recognition: #1 global algorithm in combined accuracy and efficiency.
    ROC helps leading FinTech brands verify users and prevent fraud with the latest advancements in face recognition, liveness, face analytics, digital authentication, and more.
  • Fingerprint Recognition: #1 global algorithm in combined accuracy and efficiency.
    ROC empowers governments and enterprise organizations with the capabilities to match latent fingerprints in seconds, and partial, single, and tenprints in milliseconds.
  • Iris Recognition: #1 American algorithm in combined accuracy and efficiency.
    ROC enables frictionless experiences with the unparalleled speed and precision of iris. Built for mobile and edge, their lightweight algorithms are 100x faster than the industry standard.

ROC SDK 3 also offers advanced computer vision, object recognition, and campus protection capabilities, from proactive, intelligent threat detection to badgeless visitor management, making it one of the most comprehensive, future-ready biometric suites on the market. 

Case in point, at the latest NIST Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies (ELFT), ROC latent fingerprint algorithms were 150x faster than the next closest competitor, reducing matching times from 45 minutes to 15 seconds. This will open up compelling new use cases and applications for law enforcement, border security, counterterrorism, and beyond. 

“ROC SDK 3 represents the latest evolution of biometric identification. Through years of R&D, ROC has consistently delivered cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms since 2015, redefining the possibilities for accuracy and speed. Now, our new fingerprint and iris technologies have taken these breakthroughs to the next level. Our iris algorithm can search databases 100 times faster than competitors, while our fingerprint algorithm identifies latent prints over 150 times faster than any other solution benchmarked in NIST ELFT. Simply put, ROC SDK 3 enables next-generation capabilities for identity management and discovery. It will also save system operators substantial sums of money in reduced hardware costs.”

Dr. Brendan Klare, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, ROC

“The next chapter of the ROC brand is very much a retooling for future growth, positioning us to expand into new markets and capitalize on surging demand for emerging technologies, such as latent fingerprint and iris. Our vision is to empower global communities with biometric solutions that are accessible, accurate, and most importantly, built on an unequivocal foundation of trust.”

Tony Brown, COO of ROC

A World Leader in Computer Vision and Biometrics

ROC, formerly Rank One Computing, is an American-made multimodal biometrics company. Founded to make the world smarter, safer, and stronger, ROC builds cutting-edge computer vision systems for government, enterprise, and consumer applications, delivering game-changing results with battle-tested reliability across NIST government testing, military applications, and 200M+ annual identity proofing transactions. ROC is headquartered in Denver, CO, with offices in Morgantown, WV, and Grand Rapids, MI. 

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